Plumbers vs Drainage Experts, Whom to Call?

Plumbers vs Drainage Experts, Whom to Call?

You must have noticed that whenever there is a fault in your water tap, drainage pipe, or sewer line the first thing that strikes our mind is the plumber. Really? Is he able to resolve all of your above-mentioned issues? Absolutely not, but still many homeowners tend to call their plumber even if the problem is related to drain and sewer line. However, you should always make use of available technology, I mean first identify your problems and grab your phone to google sewer line clearing near me.Moreover, we are here to clear all your doubts regarding these two specialists, just follow along with us.

What do they do?

The best advice would be that if you’re facing leaking problems that are reachable and can be repaired without much rocket science or digging/excavation, then you are good with a plumber. Whereas, a drainage expert will be engaged in more deeper problems that are far more reach out of a plumber. The problems like clog formation, sewer pipe damage, accumulation of wastewater, and other similar issues are addressed by drainage repair specialists.

Wasterwater or sludge

If you’re smelling a stinky odor from your toilet, kitchen, and bathtub’s faucet or your bathtub takes more time to empty than before then definitely your drain is suffering from a blockage. These odd symptoms are easily noticeable but don’t call a plumber for this, instead your property is more likely to go through a video drain inspection by the drainage experts.

Monitoring and video surveillance of the problem

This factor of out of scope of a normal plumber because he is limited to problems which are visible on the upper ground. Whereas, a drainage expert is able to carry out a sewer line video inspection to find the root cause of the problem.After identifying the cause, they use different methods like trenchless sewer replacement and power snake to resolve the issue permanently.

A video inspection is conducted by lowering the high-resolution camera and a mounted-on LED in the sewer line. The camera makes its way through the pipe to reach up to the end of the home’s sewer line, the camera stops every time for 5-10 seconds as it encounters a blockage or obstruction to enter the issue into the documentation. Then the report is present to the homeowner and the home seller to discuss the further proceedings.

Sewer waste removal

Today, sewer line is pretty common in every house in US but some old houses still use septic tank to drain-off their waste. These septic tanks are cleaned by the drainage experts and usually depends on these 3 factors.1. Size2. Quantity of waste it can hold3. No. of homies.